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If you are under the age of 18 (or 21 in some states) please do not continue without the supervision of an adult over the age of 21.


The UGN Security Knowledge Base is one of the largest collections of text files on the internet. We have scoured the internet to bring you text files dating back from the early 1980's to today. You will find a wide spectrum of subjects to search from.

All content ranges from operating system guides, how to make a potato gun, cable descrambler plans, lock picking guides, and much more. Please also be aware that some material you may find to be inappropriate so please take this into consideration if you decide to search.

Before you decide to undertake any experiment that you find in the Knowledge Base, understand the following: People have tried mixing, creating, and experimenting with some of these instructions and injured themselves and in some cases died. Some of these text files date to the 1980's and were transcribed from books to a text file and errors could have occurred in the translation.

Would your life be worth putting together a bomb from some shady instructions written by some guy named death angel? If you want to blow yourself up, at least do it with professional pyrotechnics. Please don't waste your time experimenting with text files from the Knowledge Base, your life is too precious.

UGN Security is not responsible for any actions that an individual may take after reading any information in the Knowledge Base or anywhere on this site.


UGN Security or it's staff are not responsible for any damage that any of these files may or may not cause. It is highly recommended that you have a virus scanner installed on your machine before downloading any of these files.

These files are offered free for download for educational purposes only and should never be used to cause any harm.

UGN Security is not responsible for any actions that any individual may take after installing or distributing any file(s) downloaded from this site.


The UGN Security BBS is for support in the quest of knowledge. The bulletin board however is not there for you to learn how to hack. We will help you learn how to use different protocol's and what to do in limited situations, however we will not help you break any laws. When you get down to it, we are a news site, we will not go to prison due to you being a moron.


The UGN Security FAQ is there for may common questions. Note that if you would like to have anything added to the FAQ you can feel free to [url=]Contact Us[/b] at any time.


UGN Security reserves the right to allow or disallow anyone access to any portions of the site. UGN Security also reserves the right to staff whomever we choose and to let anyone go if we feel that they will not do an adequate job. We reserve the right to let anyone go at anytime without any prior notice.

Contacting UGN Security

If at anytime you need to contact any staff of UGN Security you can do so through the [url=]Contact Us[/b] page. Note however that if you contact any member of UGN Security you are agreeing to our spam agreement below.


By submitting any type of communication to UGN Security or our staff you're agreeing to have your message and all header information relayed to the UGN Security Mailbag. We reserve the right to post any information from your communication at any time for any reason.

UGN Security: SPAM Agreement

This agreement is publicly posted so that there will be no confusion. Since the only way to retrieve a members email address is through this site, anyone sending emails to a member will be agreeing with this agreement. Any court costs and attorney fee's on any case shall be paid by the sender of the unsolicited email(s) in question. The sender of the unsolicited email hereby also agrees to pay the receiver of the unsolicited email $5000 per unsolicited message.
Posted on October 3rd, 2015
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